Visual Thinking Workshop
4 hours

You will draw alone, in pairs, in groups, talk, play and exercise every single part of your homo sapiens structure until you finally know how to turn ideas into images in a piece of paper. One thing you won’t have time to do is looking at your phone.

Our Graphic Recording background will also pop up. You’ll learn how to organize, structure and create an elegant hierarchy for your different concepts. First you put order inside your brain, then your brain reflects it on the canvas.

Will us teach you a little how to draw? Yes, but a minimum. The idea is to express, to be clear, not to be pretty. We will ask you questions that you’re not ready to answer.

What will you learn:

  • ‍What is Visual Thinking
  • Why and where to use it‍
  • ‍Being precise VS being clear
  • ‍Information Resolution
  • ‍The creation and use of metaphors and symbols
  • ‍Sneak Peek at Graphic Recording
  • ‍Layouting your ideas in your mind


  • ‍Clear idea Time-Trial
  • ‍Abstract concepts group drawing
  • ‍Thumbnails, Boxes and Grids
  • ‍TED Talk drawing
  • ‍Visual Pitching
  • ‍Symbol Library Construction

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We believe in exponential impact trough the power of communication, design, facilitation and community building.

Felipe Duarte

Felipe knows the importance unspoken words in a conversation. In his youth, he studied everything about target-audiences - later in life he found out that what he really should be talking about was people, and their stories. In this house he’s responsible for things being elegant.

Guilherme Maueler

The juxtaposition of antique automobile photos and ancient Aztec sculptures seems natural in Guilherme’s hand. Video, editing, and paint are just tools. He can find beauty rearranging your dinner’s leftovers. In this house he’s responsible for things being touching.

Joriam Philippe

Would you rather lose your legs or go blind? Joriam’s games ask you these sort of questions. A human-factory of narratives, interactions, challenges – he’s almost a walking treasure map. In this house he’s responsible for things being interesting.



Guilherme Maueler

Guilherme não é daqui – basta uma conversinha pra perceber que ele é do lado de lá – onde poucos foram e muitos não voltam. Ele vai e volta e sempre traz presentes em forma de arte, visão, cor e movimento.

Felipe Duarte

Felipe é fruto de uma rara miscigenação entre portugueses e javalís. Indomito, persuasivo e perseverante, está cada dia pior – é consenso que você gostaria dele no seu grupo de sobreviventes em caso de apocalipse zumbi.

Joriam Philippe

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